Experience Diagram – My Experience of the Birth of Our Second Child


(Note, the second and third images above are meant to be seen side-by-side.)


The prospective father of a soon-to-be-born child has a set of responsibilites (however incidental they seem or actually are) that he must balance with his emotional experiences throughout the event. These experiences can feel like something between a fireworks display and a naval minefield.


Blue boxes represent actions taken by me.

Green circles represent major points in the experience (i.e. things that happened to me)  that elicited an intense emotional response. The greater number of circles surrounding a point, the greater the emotional intensity.

Arrows with two lines represent significant time passing.

Arrows with one line represent a short amount of time passing.

A capital, red letter “D” represents a decision my wife and I made together.

A lower-case, red letter “d” represents a decision I made on my own.


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