“Elements of Experience Design,” by Nathan Shedroff

In this article Shedroff unpacks the notion of an “experience” as it pertains, in particular, to digital media design.

I found his framing of experience stages–attraction, engagement, and conclusion–to be fantastically simple and straightforward. It also reminded me of the traditional three-act structure that organizes so much theater and film. But what makes this additionally interesting, as far as I’m concerned, is that a digital media experience need not proceed in such a linear fashion as a film or play–which I think makes the whole notion of narrative much more challenging and much more exciting.

I also appreciated Shedroff’s differentiating presentation from organization and his focus on visualization.

There were a number of points in this article that made me think of our classes WSF website design challenge. One of the main ones being Shedroff’s argument about interactivity–which I find myself very much in agreement with. Any number of things (i.e. digital media products) describe themselves as “interactive,” but are only so in the most basic (and unimaginative) of terms. WSF referring to its site having “interactive videos” is, in this day and age, approaching false advertising. Seeing such a thing gives me a similar reaction to whenever I see a DVD listing “Interactive Menus” as one of its selling points.


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