Course Goals Brainstorm (in no particular order)

  1. Learn much more about web design and web architecture.
  2. Figure out good ways of putting theory into practice.
  3. Keep abreast of developing trends in the (various design-related–i.e. instructional design, interaction design, game design, etc.) field(s).
  4. Figure out ways the best ways to utilize my existing professional skillset in this field I’m about to go into.
  5. Gain a better understanding of the structure of the field. What are general categories of specialization, or professional tracks?
  6. Gain a better understanding of the (general, or generalized) trajectory of a career in this field. If there are fairly well-defined professional tracks, what does advancement look like, and on what kind of time scale? (And is there a general characterization one can make about the field’s approach to work-life balance?)
  7. Gain a better sense of what basic skills I should have–what tools I should be able to utilize, what software and systems I should know–after leaving the program and entering the field.
  8. Consider more learning environments for adults (as opposed to the primary, middle and high school environments we so often consider in the program).
  9. Consider more learning environments (and/or technologies) for the learning disabled.
  10. Learn how to better conduct academic research in this field.

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