Game/Mobile Design internship at the AMNH (10/16 to 11/15)

(Mondays–9:30am to 4:00pm–and Wednesdays–9:30am to 5:00pm; plus work at home)

Total hours for this period (with holidays and sick days subtracted): 52

As the Neanderthal Next Door (NND) program moved closer and closer to the design phase of the course, the principle work I did was on selecting from and adapting the Bootcamp Bootleg deck of design thinking cards.

The cards I ended up selecting and adapting (through 10/16) are in this document: cards for Sessions 9-16

Some of the language/elements/details in the adapted text in this document was altered again for the final curriculum documents (depending on feedback from Barry and other members of the team, on syllabus adjustments that needed to be made on the fly, etc.), but most of what’s here we ended up trying out. Ultimately I found this work very worthwhile–not only did I actually get to work with the cards “in the field,” but adapting these cards for use in the program–and altering them again in response to team feedback and to session-t0-session changes in the curriculum–was, I think, the largest chunk of curriculum design work I’ve ever done.

Nearly all the card activities we implemented during this period related to students doing user observations in the space they were designing for–the AMNH’s Hall of Human Origins. As with all the activities with the NND program, it was much easier to get some students more interested in these observations than others, but the results, even if not everything I’d/we’d hope they’d be, still yielded some interesting and useful stuff. But more on that in the next post…




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