Game/Mobile Design internship at the AMNH (11/16 to 12/15)

(Mondays–9:30am to 4:00pm–and Wednesdays–9:30am to 5:00pm; plus work at home)

Total hours for this period (with holidays and sick days subtracted): 53

During this period the NND program shifted fully into its design phase. These are the Bootcamp Bootleg cards we ended up considering/using/adapting: cards for Sessions 17-21

As I mentioned in my last internship post, some of the observation work–and related activities–we had students doing yielded some good and interesting results. One of these observation-related activities, a “POV Madlib,” yielded enough that Barry thought it worthy of a post on his blog! (Psyched and honored was/am I. Though, it should be noted, the last couple of pictures and paragraphs were added by Barry, who thought to tie the post about the Madlib to some of the other observation-related activities). Here ’tis:

“People need a change in lighting because they walk to the right” – Using Design-based Learning with Museum Teens

And I’ve got another one to do next week!


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