Saffer, Chapter 8, “Prototyping, Testing, and Development”

I found Saffer’s definition of interface design–as (it) is distinct from interaction design–quite helpful: “the experienced representation of the interaction design, not the interaction design itself. The interface is what people see, hear, or feel, and while it is immensely important, it is only a part of interaction design” (p. 170).

Once again, Saffer provides a guide–this time though the prototyping, testing, and development process(es)–that is at once concise and thorough.  His point about the great importance of prototyping is also well taken, and something I hadn’t really known/thought about before. (I guess that’s why I’m in school for this stuff….) It was also good and interesting to read a point I’ve encountered variations of in a number of other classes/reading–that “the ‘end’ of the design process is seldom the end” (p. 191).